Everyday People

Blog 1392 – 07.12.2019

Everyday People


I have shared with you how I believe that words set to music can slip past ole ego’s posted guards, rationalization and reluctance to change, and often go straight to the heart influencing our mind to forget our prejudices and misunderstandings and to love everybody regardless of color, politics, religion, or station in life. I love this song for it speaks to a greater truth than our differences – we got to live together.

I grew up in a color and class divided South. It was not till I first lived and worked in Indiana that I realized that the North was just as divided then and now. But some of us have a dream that more and more people will one day wake up to the truth that we are all everyday people no matter what we look like, what we believe, who we love, what we do, or how big our bank account is. Some already have and more are waking up to a sweeter dream everyday.

You may not care for my singing, the songs that I pick or the subjects that I pick to blog about but I am family and I love you and want this life we share to be the best adventure we have ever known. The more we let in, the better chance, that it will be so. Here’s another song that says that better than my mere words can.


All That We Let In

It was a favorite of my daughter Emily’s and she sent it to me on a mixed CD for Father’s Day a couple of years before she passed. I must have listened to it a thousand times in the months after she passed and it helped my broken heart to keep beating. Without it I might have veered myself across that single center line. I intend to make my ride an even longer haul and on it to love each and all of the everyday people that I meet the very best I can. Emily would have it no other way. I will see you, Angel, when my chores are through.


Love Me

Your friend, fellow traveler,

And Emily and Jon White’s Dad

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