Does It Really Matter How Many Days?

Blog 1389 – 07.09.2019

Does It Really Matter How Many Days?

Or is what matters most that we live today as if it were the only day we ever had or ever will have, the very best we can? Some years ago I was reading, something, I enjoy reading almost as much as speaking, singing, and writing, and I came upon the phrase, “the eternal moment.” That is the moment we are most alive, most awake, and most focused on Who and Whose we really are.

I have in the tiny restroom in my tiny camper trailer that I have lived in most of the last five years a plaque just over the tiny lavatory that says something very big to me: LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Excuse me for shouting but some words are so important that they need to be said loudly or very quietly so they will be heard. Live in the moment.

Wake up, don’t get caught up in the drama and trauma of this mostly imaginary life and fail to see through to the “true true.” This is your moment to shine. Many in darkness are counting on you, waiting to watch you unfold, and to glow, by God, to blaze the trail home.

These themes are not new to me nor to you. You and I have had inklings, heard rumors, discovered a few clues from time to time throughout this journey and perhaps heard echoes from previous journeys too about who’s who in this time/space construct.

I once compared these lives we live to adventures had by the Star Trek Next Generation crew on the Holodeck. If a mere man could image that (I do not happen to believe there is such a thing as a mere man or woman but that we are all at least equal parts human and divine, linked together as one) could not the Great One provide a safe place for us to work out all our issues and scenarios? Indeed He/She/We could and have and all in a day, Today.

Enjoy your adventure on the Holodeck and I will meet you for a drink or a bite to eat afterwards.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

In time and space,

David White

I hope this was timely without being too spacey.

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