Backwards Or Forward, Important That We Get It

Blog 1387 – 07.07.2019

Backwards Or Forward, Important That We Get It

So many people in this country love their dog. Dog spelled backwards is God and He/She/We are not a “jealous God” despite the hype. The important thing is not whom or what you love but that you love. God is Love, and Love is God, and to love even a part is to love all so just open up your heart and let her rip.

The important thing about love, about God, is that we get it and give it. And while I am on the getting and giving theme, a great deal of words have been wasted on trying to prove that giving is more important than getting. Nonsense really because no one can give unless they have gotten first. One can give only what they have received. My dear friend, Mike Dooley, actually he probably does not know me from Adam, though I did shake his hand once, along with hundreds of others who did at a weekend writer’s seminar in Chicago. Anyway, my buddy Mike emailed me just this morning in my daily Note From The Universe:

“It’s part of nature’s built-in checks and balances, David, that while there may be times when you think you can’t even help yourself, precisely in such moments there will always be someone else nearby… you can help, instead.

Which, I think you know, is actually one of the fastest ways to help yourself.

I hope that helps,

   The Universe”

I would not have gotten that last part even a couple of years ago but I am learning to treat every person and living thing…(all things are alive whether or not electrons spin around protons like planets around stars or just move around them like clouds, movement is life.) I have learned to treat all life as if it were my own for indeed it is.

Helping you is helping me and really the best and fastest way to help myself. When will we ever learn? Some of us are beginning too. Pass it on.

Your friend and fellow traveler,


David White

I had a dream we all arrived safely home and not a soul was lost. In my Universe, and even the Multiverse, if there is one, that is a very real possibility.

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