Some Prefer Lavender

Blog 1386 – 07.06.2019

Some Prefer Lavender

Love is simple but often complicated. I heard someone once define being adult as being able to hold two opposing thoughts in your mind at the same time. Tricky, but then if it was too easy even children could do it. Don’t get me wrong there are some wonderful things about children and we can certainly learn a lot from them but not to think like adults, to see the bigger picture, and to appreciate many of life’s seeming contradictions.

Those who would control our minds and pocketbooks always offer simple solutions usually in terms like “they” want to destroy us and only “I” or my product can save us from certain doom. Horse drip, there is no “they” only “us” it is the con-man we cannot trust, snake-oil salesman all, promising us the moon but continually selling us out.

The above is true not just in politics and religion but often in the market place as well where Madison Avenue has taught us all that not just Tide but everything has to be “new and improved” to get to and to sale to a world of shorter and shorter memories and attention spans.

Not only Gay guys and Lesbians drive Jeep Wranglers but they do many of them have great taste. And sometimes even “Strait” people loves Lavender and all the colors of the rainbow. To the childish mind every question’s answer seems black or white but to the adult mind not only are there many shades of gray but so many colors and various shades of them as well. Do join in this adult world with all its wonderful, vibrant, and living color.

I love lavender and all the colors in the spectrum. And more importantly, I love you. Your resemblance to me is so striking, I am sure we must be related.

Your friend, fellow traveler,

And not so distant cousin,

David White

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