Another Family Member Passes

Blog 1384 – 07.04.2019

Another Family Member Passes

Today on the birthday of this nation I choose to also celebrate the life of my beloved cousin Linda “Darlene” Ball Hampton Silvers. Her church friends and other close family members may choose to remember her in their own way but I choose to remember her as a sexy forever young girl with an infectious laugh whose hero along with Jesus was Betty Boop. Her high school friends knew her as Linda Ball but to me she will always be my daring and darling cousin Darlene. She was a big part of my childhood being one of the first cousins my brother Robert and I spent the most time with together. Her mother Ruby was one of my dad’s sisters, the youngest, and we spent a lot of time at Darlene’s house, my family and I, and she and hers, consisting of Aunt Ruby, her first husband Dub, and the children Darlene and Randy, at ours.

Darlene, such a bubbly and buoyant spirit, was always fun to be around. Years later at a very sad, distressing, and dark time in my life, when I returned from Vietnam to confirm what I had already suspected, that my young wife had found somebody else in my absence and no longer wanted me, Darlene and her then husband Tim sat up with me several nights and tried to distract me from thinking about my loss, not just a wife but the dream of a life and family with her. Happily all my dreams of love and family have come true in spite of early disappointments or perhaps even in part because of them. I believe that everything is in some way a gift though granted somethings do not seem so when we first receive them.

I lost fifteen pounds those first couple of weeks back at home in the States and was starting to look like I was waiting away. News flash, I gained them back and more, in case you were worried about me. It is in darkest leanest times that we often learn who our true friends and family are, everyone really but some just find a way to be there for us when we need them the most.

I was saddened and a bit surprised to learn that Darlene had departed this life more than a year ago without my even knowing. When the grand parents and parents are gone, families that do not live in close proximity and even sometimes those who do lose touch. My sweet and sexy cousin Darlene, I will remember you and every time I see Betty Boop or hear her sing “Boop Boop Pee Doop” I will blow a kiss and a smart salute out into the Universe. Kind and caring spirit, sparkling and sexy girl, this Fourth will sparkle a little less for me, knowing you are not here in bodily form to add your sparkle. How we all rejoice in your light.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Darlene’s loving cousin,

David White

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