Finding More Meaning

Blog 1383 – 7.03.2019

Finding More Meaning

I believe that this wonderful world is truly of our own making and that we previously stocked each one of these wondrous adventures chock full of treasures, hidden meanings behind the seeming mundane. There is more, there is more, out there beyond the horizon, and up close, always within our reach, great lessons to teach.

It is a habit I acquired early, but failed to practice much in the middle of my life, this trying to be a Sherlock detective carefully examining all the smallest details, looking for clues to discover the whodunit to whom, the wherewithal’s, and the who’s whose. It is not so difficult as it might seem. All it requires is following the steps to problem solving like the quality program called the Five Whys puts it, simply ask Why five times to get to the bottom of things. But is it to the bottom of things we really want to go? No, is the answer I am looking for here. But getting to the top of things requires that we ask Who five times till we come to the only plausible and complete answer.

Pose your most daunting questions?

Who made this mess?

Who loves me best?

Who invited all the rest?

Who devise this adventure quest?

Who hid this treasure chest?

There are but five of The Who questions and all this five rhyme? But as funny man, Jimmy Durante, said, “Ha, chaw, chaw, I got a million of them.” But in my case they are not jokes but Who questions and the answer to all of them is, “Why, You (Me) of course.”

We are the creators of this world, the author of all we survey, perfectly crafted in time and space to supply all that we could need or want along the way. Some years ago I came up with an upbeat mantra that I still say to myself from time to time:

“I am so grateful that everything that I could ever want or need is already mine and coming to me at just the right time and in just right way from my loving and infinite source.”

Whatever you call that Infinite Source, I Am, is the name that most closely fits. Back to living now, for you and I both still have got a lot to learn this go round.

Your friend and fellow traveler

Through time and space,

David White

Note: Today’s Picture is of Robert B. Davidson, my great grandfather on my mother’s side. I had never seen this photo till a few days ago when my son found it online doing some genealogical research and shared it with me. What about that, Bob? Robert is also my brother’s name. Great grandpa Robert was gone before we were both born. I got my first name from his last name. And my brother Robert got his name from I don’t know where. Just kidding, Great Grandpa Robert.

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