Yesterday (The Movie)

Blog 1381 – 07. 01.2019

Yesterday (The Movie)

Today I am working on a review of the movie I saw yesterday called Yesterday for tomorrow. Now there is a time twister. I have come to really enjoy my role as a movie reviewer in these blogs. I say reviewer and not critic for I think criticism is the problem most movie reviewers as well as inspectors suffer from – looking at everything with a critical eye rather than an appreciative one. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

When I first saw the preview for the movie Yesterday several months ago, I knew it was going to be one that I would want to see. A world without the Beatles is hard for me to imagine. But even in the one depicted in the movie there were still three souls who remembered a world full of Beatle music but only one was singer and he could not help but sing them to a Beatle deprived world. His mind, mine, and many others are full of Beatle lyrics and melodies from the lovely and haunting Yesterday and A Long And Winding Road to the up beat and driving She Loves You and A Hard Day’s Night.

How thrilling that Jack remembered so well and so many of the words but then those lovely rhythms and melodies wrapped them around his and all our hearts to stay. When I believed that the Bible was the wholly inspired word of God without error in whole or in part (I no longer do but there is a lot of great stuff there) I read of a man who did and searched through the archives to find the scriptures contained in other books and after finding over ninety percent of the sixty-six books of the authorized Bible he concluded that had any one made the Bible disappear it could still be reconstructed from other books.

That is kind of the premise of the movie Yesterday. John Lennon once caused a stir by remarking casually in an interview that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ. Heresy, no, just a factual remark, for Jesus never had so many songs at once on the top ten hits chart. Spoiler alert: There is a wonderful bit in the movie where our Indian/British Rocker Jack meets a Beatle-less sixty-eight year old John Lennon who says he had a wonderful successful life without fame. He defines successful as loving and being loved as do all the best Beatle songs. I am no John, Paul, George, or Ringo but at fifteen my poet pen name was John Paul Farrow, then Paul John Farrow. I never could figure out who was first, but sorry George and Ringo for a fifteen year old boy TV Peyton Place’s, Mia Farrow was a close third even if she did not sing.

Here is me singing one of my favorite Beatle songs, not as good as Paul nor my daughter Emily, nor Jack the imposter in the movie that I saw – Yesterday.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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