Things We Can Control

Blog 1380 – 06.30.2019

Things We Can Control

A picture is said to be worth at least a thousand words so the one above must be worth at least 1,141 since it has one hundred forty-one words in it. (Double check my count, as I did not.) We can count so many things that are beyond our control. I remember as a younger man one of my bosses advised me upon being promoted to a responsible position in the company that I worked for with the words:

“Control the controllables and do not worry about the rest.”

Do look through the list in the picture. We have more than enough to keep us busy controlling what we can control to waste even a minute worrying about or trying to control what we cannot. Prime examples are: I cannot make you happy but I can myself. I cannot change you( Why would I even want to, I love you just the wonderful way you are, you wizard you) but I can change myself, or at least some of the thinking and behaviors that are no longer serving me.

Hey and if you do not agree with the list above you can change it. Or if your count does not agree with my count you can change that too. Since the picture has so many words to read and I know what limited attention spans many of us have. I will cut this short. As the funny quote used often in the movie “Clue” goes: “Too make a long story short (in unison all say) ‘Too late for that.’”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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