A Black Wrist Band

Blog 1377 – 06.27.2019

A Black Wrist Band

Some things, events, and people in our lives help define us more than others and help us realize Who and Whose we truly are. A few day ago I found on the ground a black wrist band (pictured.) it was rain soaked but spoke to me. What it said to me was: “Pick me up, rinse me off, and wear me throughout July in remembrance of Emily.” My daughter, Emily, was born in July (the 15th In 1980) and died in July (the 20th In 2012) thirty-two short but wonderful years for those of us who knew her.

I don’t know about you but when inanimate objects talk to me, I listen. The God of the Bible spoke through many things besides prophets and preachers, i.e. a burning bush and an ass to name just two.

Did the spirit of Emily leave the bracelet there for me and speak to me? She knew I love going to the movies and that I love rain and it was in a rainy movie theater parking lot where I found the wrist band after watching the movie “Anna.” Anna was a “kick-ass Girl” but then so was my Emily in a different way and so are all of you girls and women out there each in your own wonderful way too.

The black wrist band does not mean that I am mourning Emily. I am still too busy celebrating her life and being ever grateful that I got to be a part of it. Please when my time comes, if you survive me (and good luck with that for I intend to set a longevity record if I can.) I mean so long as I can keep active and mentally alert. What I started to say before I interrupted myself was if you are still around when I die, please no black attire, arm bands or even wrist bands, have a graduation party in my honor instead. Remember to sing, “Doing all right, making good grades. The futures so bright, I gotta wear shades.”

Emily had but a short while to get so much loving and living done. We should all do as well as she did. She graduated this life Summa Cum Laude (with highest praise) in loving.

But then perhaps she was as they say an old soul. She was wise in the ways of the heart. And she sang like she had been doing it through many lives, maybe so. I aim to make the best of this one as she did hers.


Emily singing What A Wonderful World, and even more so since she dropped by.

I do not need the wrist band nor the little shiny heart I carry in my pocket to remind me of Emily. In every little breeze or bird chirp in the trees, I can still her whisper, “I love you, Daddy.” And that makes me want to always do my best, live my best, speak, sing, write, and love my best. “Thank you, Baby Girl, and in a few days, Happy Month of Emily (July to those of you who do not yet know that I and the Friends of Emily have renamed the month in her honor.)

Your friend, fellow traveler,

And Emily Elaine White’s dad,

David White

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