Oh, Oh, Oh, O, X, X, X, X (Not Hugs And Kisses This Time)

Blog 1376 – 06.26.2019

Oh, Oh, Oh, O, X, X, X, X (Not Hugs And Kisses This Time)

I promised I would not let this blog be turned into a political platform and yet I just watched the Real Time show that aired last Friday night. After his closing New Rules segment Bill Maher usually concludes with an astute monologue. Last Friday’s asked and answered the question – who among the Democrats was a sure win against President Trump in 2020, who could tick the four critically important boxes:

X 1. Energize African American Voters

X 2. Energize Women Voters

X 3. Not Scare White Men

X 4. Was A Well Known Celebrity

Bill said no one running now does that but that Oprah Winfrey could. Brilliant Bill. And I would only add that she is a real billionaire and pays taxes, says they are too much, not that she should pay more, but did not pretend to lose money to avoid paying them. A black woman in the White House and not the wife of a butler like she played in the movie, The Butler, POTUS herself. She is not only Mrs. Which, but Miss Who. Draft Oprah now.

Bill concluded his rant by saying that he was not asking Oprah to run for President, that was up, he said, to others but that he was just putting this out to the Universe like the book, The Secret, that Oprah encouraged us to buy on her show. He went on to say, “One thing we know about Oprah – she can convince us to buy anything.”

No more political speak. Scout’s honor. I was a Boy Scout for a year.

“A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.” Well, I still try to be a good scout – all but that obey and reverent stuff. Even most sensible brides have quit promising to “obey.” A little more “civil disobedience” might have helped prevent some of our bigger mistakes as a country, the mistreatment of brothers mistaken for “others” i.e. The Trail Of Tears, Wounded Knee, so many other shameful incidents, like black slavery continuing as long as it did in this country and the terrible Civil War to end it, discrimination that continues to this day, and lots of other silly unnecessary wars and interments. If we could all but obey the three laws “Love God (whomever, whatever we perceive him/her to be) with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and love our neighbor, as we love ourself” then all the other rules would become redundant and unnecessary. Let freedom ring.

I hope we get a chance to put one more X next to O and an “Ex” next to you know who.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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