Bright Ideas

Blog 1378 – 06.28.2019

Bright Ideas

These wonderful mirrors – family, friends, and all are actually reflecting back at us images of ourself full of bright ideas. My dear friend Deb in Wisconsin is full of bright ideas and has shared more than one with me. It was from her I got the idea of posting a Daily Mockingbird Song from the many karaoke songs I have sung and to use them to promote this daily blog to a few select friends, actually anyone whose email address I know that does not email me: “Take me off your Mockingbird song list.”

Deb is a first time grandma, she prefers Ya Ya, with a three month old grand daughter, Amelia, that I introduced as “my little friend” in a previous blog. Look it up, she is the smiling cute one in pink, no, not that one in the sheer outfit (one of my most looked at blogs) the tiny one in pink. Anyway it is highly unlikely that I will get to be a big part of Amelia’s life but Deb wants me to know her and she me so she proposed the bright idea of sending me children’s books to read and record for Amelia so she will know my voice. That lead me to think of sharing them on the blog and Daily Mockingbird Song too and maybe when I have a long list of recorded ones like my MB Song list I may start a “Daily Story With David” posting.

As I said, I may not get to be a big part of Amelia’s life but who knew in 1963 when I turned thirteen, the day President John Kennedy died, and writers C.S. Lewis and Aldous Huxley as well, that of the three C.S. Lewis would become such a big part of my life and thinking. I have read everything that I could find of his in print and several times. I recommend his writings to all, especially the little book, The Great Divorce, and of course the Chronicles of Narnia stories.

The odds are great that Baby Amelia, Baby River Elaine, and a lot of babies born this year and more than a few of those turning thirteen this year will out live me but I am doing my part to share what has taken a long lifetime to awaken in my heart, as the wonderful song at the end of Ben Affleck’s movie The Account says, “I’m just trying to leave something behind.”

Treat yourself, Google the YouTube video of Sean Rowe singing: “To Leave Something Behind.”

Your friend, fellow traveler,

Reader, writer, singer, and ring-maker,

But a few of the things I do to trying to leave something behind,

David White

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