Time In A Bottle

Blog 1372 – 06.22.2019

Time In A Bottle

Being a teenaged boy in the nineteen-sixties, I, like many of my contemporaries, saw each week a new episode of I Dream Of Genie with, the lovely Barbara Eden, playing a playful genie in a bottle. And when colorful smoke signaled that she was coming out of that bottle all the guys took time to watch. In the nineteen-seventies singer Jim Croce made famous a love ballad called: Time In A Bottle.


For the last few fortunate weeks I have been allowed to share my time-machine on wheels, not much roomier than Genie’s bottle with my lovely and equally playful wife of almost thirty years. I purchased my twenty foot pull behind camper trailer that I fondly refer to as my, “Little House On Wheels On The Prairie,” seven years ago and have spent most of that time in it living and working in six different states and dragging it through several more. If you have heard this one before hold up a finger and when all ten are up put them down and start again. My dad taught me a good story gets better the more you tell it.

I started this blog four years ago to share my time and space travels with many that I may not get to meet this go round. In a way I get to meet many more through sharing our story. Most of my ramblings are not unique nor my insights all that profound but if you like to read an encouraging word from time to time I will be here trying to deliver something worth your while. If I miss the mark or share something you disagree with do try another one. There are over 1300 here to pick from. One is bound to strike your fancy, lift your spirits, or make you smile. Having done that my work is done.

Maybe like Genie in my own way I get to grant my own three wishes, delivering the Three E’s:




The highest, best, and longest lasting currency of love.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

I still dream of my Genie.

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