The Weight That Really Matters

Blog 1373 – 06.23.2019

The Weight That Really Matters

The weight that really matters is not what the bathroom scale nor the scale of justice says but “the exceeding weight of glory” that the Bible and our hearts testifies is ours. Feel like throwing your weight around? Well, here is the way to do it by remembering who and whose you truly are and never thinking of yourself as a light weight no matter what big bullies or big mountains you have to face. Remember, “Greater is he/she who is in you than he/she who is in the world.”

If we were truly aware of the tremendous shadow that we cast we would never, ever be afraid again. Fear is the true opposite of love, not hate, for hate is an illusion a misunderstanding at best. We all are loved, we are loving, we are altogether lovely, for we are Love, him/herself in bodily form.

The biggest root cause of body weight problems, I think, is that we are not at home in these bodies. They do not fit. They are too small and the anxiety we feel, partly at least because of this mismatch, has us attempting to find comfort in food, alcohol, drugs, and many other distractions. But our true comfort and satisfaction only comes from the sure and certain knowledge of our true identity, no place else. No one else can complete us for we are complete and whole, holy and whole already, always, and ever.

People claiming to be Jesus, the Hebrew for the name Joshua – meaning “savior” are fighting above their weight or below it actually for we are all heavy weights, all in the same class. Jesus of Nazareth called himself, “the son of man” and us, “brothers.” The divine he called “our father” and he said we are all one and the same. Grant you others made claims on him and for him and still do. But if you are looking for Joshua, Jesus you need only look in the mirror. And as the song says, “Till you find him in the mirror, you got a long way to go.”

“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Who is, who is, Lord of all?”

You are, I am, (me-we) are the Christ (the anointed) – the child, the living god.

In the first season of Fargo, the AMC television series inspired by the movie, the lady cop is rather small and has a problem getting automatic doors to open for her. It is a running joke but the truth is that she and we all have weight, this exceeding weight of glory, because of who we are. The scales are always tipped in our favor so rather that seeking law and order – justice, we should be promoting grace, temperance, love, and understanding. After all to err is human and to forgive divine, and just as J. C. was so are we, both human and divine, fearfully and wonderfully made.

Stay off those scales, you might break them, you heavy weight champion you.

Every time a bell rings another heavy weight champion gets his/her wings.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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