For Love Of The Game

Blog 1371- 06.21.2019

For Love Of The Game

The highest and the best is not winning the lottery, buying that big new house, car, boat, or plane but finding out Who and Whose we truly are. This knowledge is such a wonderful, if long kept secret, that I am more and more convinced that many of us must have lived countless lives already and may yet live more because like Easter egg hunts we so love hiding this wonderful truth from ourselves and then finding it out all over again.

The big divine picture, not just of Jesus’ thirty-three or so years on earth but the stories told of many others lives, reveals the same truth that these lives are all journeys about seeking self, the One Self, that we all share, the divine self. The still small voice we hear offering us clues in this Easter egg hunt is none other than own. You thought you recognized that voice, that turn of phrase. And who could know us better and who could guide, guard, and protect us better than you know who?

I was thinking that frustration caused by the fear of not winning has caused many to grow tired of the game. But remember in our youth how we played our hearts out, not to win, nor for fame, nor for a big pay-day, but just for love of the game. Just playing was winning enough to keep us at the game. And this life is a game of our own design. I called it an Easter egg hunt. I remember as a boy hiding the eggs over and over again till no one really thought of eating them. The fun was all about hiding them and finding them.

Having found all the good hiding places the only fun remaining was to hid them from the younger less experienced ones coming along and offering hints, clues, a winked eye, a head nodded in the right direction, or a carefully guarded finger-point. When will this particular game be over? Only when we say, so stay loose, try to forget about winning, and just play, play, play.

Your friend, fellow traveler,

And fun-loving playmate,

David White

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