Gone But Not Forgotten

Blog 1370 – 06.20.2019

Gone But Not Forgotten

I have written and more that once about how important that I believe it is that somethings are best forgiven and forgotten. I saw a plaque the other day that read, “We do not have eyes in the back of our heads because we are not going that way.” It is a curse for many young and older people, this preoccupation with trying to relive the past. It is nonsense for today is really all there is and if we try filling it with ghosts from the past or specters from the future our today will be but a haunted illusion of life.

Having said that I grant you that somethings and people should be remembered for they add and do not detract from living each day fuller and better. I was at my sister Esther’s last Sunday and someone removed a picture from a frame so I could take a picture of it with my phone without the glare of the glass. Behind the picture of Harold, my wife, and Esther’s older brother who died many years ago, was a picture of an older gentleman that no one at the table recognized, including Esther. It was a black and white glossy picture of a picture and whoever had it made evidently cared about this man but failed to write his name and when the original picture was taken on the back for others to know that much about him too.

We can remember the good stuff, forgive, forget, and let go of the less so. My first young wife and I had a favorite song by Englebert Humperdinck called “Am I That Easy To Forget?” When she left me for another while I was in South Vietnam my mother rather unkindly said, “I guess you were.” Both acts stung but I have forgiven them both. They are both gone now and I am still here. And like the the lovely song that follows, I have learned there is more to be remembered than a broken vow. We have all, if we are honest with ourselves, made vows to ourselves and others that we have broken. We need to forgive and forget misunderstandings about brokenness and remember that we as well as they have always been and still remain holy and whole. Someday we too will be gone from this stage but we will never ever be forgotten.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Broken Vow

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