The Chance To Dance

Blog 1363 – 06.13.2019

The Chance To Dance

The fatalists among us think everything is planned or predetermined. I grew up in a more free-will religious tradition and have never quite seen life as all planned out. To me, God, the Universe is not a dictator nor control-freak but like the father in the Prodigal Son story one who allows us to choose and to have our own experiences and even lives them all out with us and through us as it were.

There is a great line in several of the Terminator movies, “There is no fate but what we make.” And still a large portion of religious people choose to believe that the world and most of the people in it are on their way to hell in a hand basket. They seem to believe there was some “golden age” be that the 1950’s, the writing of the U.S. Constitution, or as far back as the beginning in the mythical Garden of Eden from which we fell and have been falling ever since and that someday “in our lifetime” the poo is really going to hit the fan. They have been saying that for centuries, totally ignoring what many more of us consider “progress” – women getting the right to vote in many places, not having to be treated like property, nor being forced to breed till they die, nor to wear bee-keeper suits to name a few. Oh, in my mind there are many others, many more people beginning to value other people for the content of their character and not discounting them if the color of their skin is a different hue or shade. And a big one in recent years, more people accepting people’s natural born right to chose whom they love not bound by traditions or stereotypes regarding sexual preferences. A wise older woman I once worked with sized up sexual preferences quite succinctly, I think, “We are all sick puppies.” And smiling as she said it made me sure it was not a condemnation but a pleasant observation.

More and more like the God I mentioned in the first paragraph we seem to be progressing many of us to the point of allowing others to have their own experiences. Allowing for chance and that there is a chance that our view point is just one of many acceptable ones.

The Beatles, the rock stars of my youth, once sang, “All we are saying is, Give Peace A Chance.” All I am saying is give chance a place in your equation, your program, your life. And if you get the chance to judge yourself or others, or to sit it out, or to dance, just dance.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

The Dance

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