Sometimes Like You I Wonder

Blog 1364 – 06.14.2019

Sometimes Like You I Wonder

How many more “wake ups” I will get to experience in this life, how many more blogs I will get to post. I try to give each one my best effort and think of them like Hansel and Gretel leaving bread crumbs to help myself and my brothers find our way home. Home as I often remark is where the heart it. And love is the heart of the matter. A famous and quite excellent German poet I was introduced to some years ago in his book, Advice To A Young Poet, wrote the young man that he should avoid the temptation to write about love. I do find that rather impossible advise to take serious for to me there is but one subject, one Universe, one God, that is and contains all, and the best most descriptive name for that singularity is Love. As the sixties pop song said, “Love is all around me, it’s everywhere I go. If you really love me, come on and let it show.”

Apart from my three pronged aim in producing this daily blog i.e. to entertain, inspire, and encourage my target also for each of the one thousand, three hundred, and sixty-three, thus far, blogs (but who’s counting – I guess I am) has been and shall be till I reach that morning I wonder about, to make sure that everyone who reads one now or as long as they are read is ever more aware of this one irrefutable fact, “You are loved, have always been loved, and will ever be loved.” And not just by me, and I do love you, but by all who awake fully or not to the knowledge of who and whose they are still are able to recognize the same something in you that we are all made of too. Dare I name it – Love.

Another sixties pop song just popped into my head, I am full of it, I don’t deny it. The lyric running through my heart and head is: “I Wonder, Wonder, Wonder, Wonder Who, Who Wrote The Book Of Love?” Do you wonder that sometimes too? Well, I have found, I think, an answer, if not the answer, and it is You and Me and that furthermore that the book is not finished yet for we three are still writing it You, God, and Me, the truest trinity and dynamic trio.

Life is full of wonder, full of love. I guess we are all “full of it.” But don’t let us forget the last phrase of that first song above, “Come on and let it show.” That is the plan, first thing for the rest of the “wake ups” that I have left. Join me here if you will for a daily dose of encouragement and love, better than a hot cup of Joe and a doughnut for waking you up to Who and Whose you truly are, have always been, and will always be. My God, what a revelation.

Your friend, fellow traveler,

Fellow deity, prophet, and “gang stir”of love,

“Maurice” a.k.a

David White

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