Rainy Days And Mondays, Don’t Let Them Get You Down

Blog 1361 – 06.11.2019

Rainy Days And Monday, Don’t Let Them Get You Down

I believe that the secret to being and staying happy throughout each day, Sunday through even Monday is to say and often to ourselves out loud, “This is the day that I have made and I will rejoice in it.” I really need to commit this formula and philosophy to song so I can slip it passed those ego and insane world trained views that stand guard at the doorway to our hearts and minds lest we hear something that might change our minds and set us free. We have been taught that Mondays are always a “bad” thing and that rainy days are a “bad” thing too, as well as a host of other “Fake news” stories. We have heard and even said out loud these lies so long that we believe them to be true. They are not. Monday is a day just as deserving of honor and acceptance as any other day and rain, well, what and where would we be without it – dry and dusty bones in a hot, arid, wind swept desert.


Rainy Days And Mondays

The Carpenters’ beautiful song, lovely as it is, has gotten the words a bit wrong, I think. What it should say is:

Talking to myself and feeling young

Encouraging words only on my tongue

Life, hope, joy – love the truest of all of it

“I love you” perfect words that always fit.

Every day in every way, a smiling happy clown

Rainy days and Mondays never get me down.

And I do understand that many will view this blog as my attempt to pump Mary Sunshine up their, well let’s just say “in the air.” It rhymes at least. But far from it, I understand as the old Book says, and I believe it got that one right if not everything as some suppose, “Man is destined for trouble as the sparks fly upwards.” But I prefer a line from a not quite so old rhythm and blues (R&B) song, “I’m worried now but I won’t be worried long.” I can still see and hear Judy Garland in my head belting out one of her best song too, “Forget your troubles come on get happy…” and Barbra Streisand joining in the duet with, “Happy days are here again…”

Don’t let the small stuff get you down and remember in the big scheme of things it is all small stuff. Sing a happy song to help you get along. If you do you will find even Mondays and rainy days can become favorites too.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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