Your Movie Reviewer

Blog 1360 – 06.10.2019

Your Movie Reviewer

I am one who has all of my life been a movie goer. To me, seeing movies on the big screen in a dark movie palace with popcorn, candy, and a soft drink is the way movies were meant to be watched. Oh, like many of you I have watched hundreds more movies including the ones that I have seen on the big screen on smaller screens too but my biggest and best memories of movies have all been created in movie theaters.

This past weekend I figured that even though I got to work on Saturday that it would be a two movie at the movie house weekend. First because there were two movies that came out last Friday that wanted to see and secondly because one was dark and heavy the other bright and light, Dark Phoenix, the latest Marvel X-Men (X-Women) movie, and the animated sequel to The Secret Life Of Pets, aptly named The Secret Life Of Pets 2.

On Saturday I saw the darker one by myself, my wife Linda thinking I would be working a long day opted to visit a place she loves even better than movie theaters, a casino full of slot machines. If she reads this she will say, “Why are you telling my business?” And I will reply as did Jacob Marley to Ebenezer Scrooge, “Mankind (and womankind) is my business.” Writers write.

Anyway a short movie review without spoiling it for you of Dark Phoenix is that as in so many Marvel and other comic book and fantasy movies, i.e. DC, Star Trek, and Star Wars, there are often transitional relaunches of the various movie franchises with a younger cast of characters to carry them through the same basic stories with improved story lines (hopefully)and better CG effects as the technology improves. In those veins Dark Phoenix does not disappoint. It is a revisiting of the X-Woman, Jean Grey’s story. Also red-headed Raven’s remark in an angry encounter with Professor X that since the women are always saving the men perhaps instead of The X-Men the team would more appropriately and better be called The X-Women was not lost on modern movie goers, many heroic women themselves or women for greater leadership role promoters like myself. They save us more often than we save them and are most expert at cleaning up our messes and we know it too well, don’t we men?

The movie critics already on Saturday were talking about a lack-luster launch at the box office and predicting it would be the lowest grossing X-Men movie yet, even lower than The Wolverine. All that being said, it is a “formula” movie and they seem to always find an audience over time. It was a dark movie and like so many promising a “wrap up” or ending it offered a chance to say farewell to some older faces and yet left several doors open for continuing the franchise with the newer crew.

Well, The Secret Life Of Pets 2 was adorable, granted I slept through part of it, as I often do when the action or story line lulls a little. But it was light and at the same time as touching as I thought it would be. The preview had reminded me of an animated version of Baby’s Day Out. I would write more about it but again I do not want to spoil it for you, only to entice you a bit to see it for yourself. And I realize most of you will wait till both movies out on DVD or Blue Ray or available on cable or to stream. Suit your self, but do see both of them, the dark and the light, the dark sacred night and the bright blessed day, the whole enchilada as they say. And yes, in The Secret Life Of Pets 2, the dogs and cats learn to get along and work together. Also there is a chew toy rescue scene, a dog dressed as a cat scene, cat chasing laser light scene, and child going to school for the first time scene. There you have it, a whole movie review in two sentences.

Your friend, fellow traveler,

And movie reviewer,

David White

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