Perform, Perform, Perform

Blog 1358 – 06.08.2019

Perform, Perform, Perform

The conventional wisdom on the secret of mastery and success at anything as the old joke says about how you get to Carnegie Hall is “practice, practice, practice.” But after a lifetime of buying into status quo thinking I have learned to question everything I thought and even yet think I know and have learned to view things from a few new angles. I believe the way to mastery and success at anything is not practice, practice, practice but performance, performance, performance. I have tried to tackle this concept before. Here goes again.

Words have meaning, most more than one, and sometimes the meaning of a word changes over the years and some confusion follows. As an example, there is an Old Testament verse that says, “Study to show yourself a workman unto God…” At the Bible College I attended for three years as a young man studying for the Christian ministry, a calling I later discovered was not for me, several of the professors used that verse to justify heir jobs and the college’s existence. But even then I saw a glaring contextual problem. It is impossible for studying to show you a workman. Studying shows you a student. Only working can prove or show you a workman. Rehearsing can prepare you somewhat for performing but only by performing can we truly hone and perfect our skill or craft. Or as Nike so succinctly puts it, “Just Do It.” Working proves you a workman, doing perfects you as a doer, planning and studying only prove you a planner or a student. The word “study” in the above verse had probably meant when originally put in the verse above something more like “be diligent or work hard.”

This concept is similar to the instructions on how to see things manifest in our lives more quickly. The wording of our requests to the great subconsciousness within us, the Universe, i.e. “the kingdom of heaven…within you” is to remember that all the promises are “yes, yes” and positive – negativity not being a concept the divine within or without recognizes. If we say, “I do not want to be poor” what our subconscious, God, hears is, “I want to be poor.” Like wise when we make an intention, our prayer, “I want to be rich.” We send a garbled message like our desire is to be always “wanting to be rich.” We have been instructed to be thankful or grateful for what we are requesting as if we had already received it. The way to do that and to insure the quickest outcome is to say and believe, “I am rich, I am loved, I am successful at everything. Or in Bible language again, “I can do all things through the Christ principle that abides in me.” Some think I have taken liberties with that verse but I think that is what the truer meaning of it is.

I am not, as I confess as strongly I once did the opposite, a Christian. Jesus was not a Christian. Jesus awoke to the knowledge that he was an “anointed” son of God. That is what we all are, I believe, Christian, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and the thousand of others religious groups including those thought to be the most cultish or confused of all, Democrats and Republicans.

The “anointing” the Christ principle is within us and upon us all and “can do” and “do well” should be our continual take on life. Negative self-talk and doubtful prayers and intentions sadly still abound and all the studying or practicing in the world will result in the same sad results. Do not misunderstand me I am not even saying that hard work is required, just a little work. Often we only have to take a few baby steps in the right direction before boom, the inspiration, the natural tallent, the break comes, the door opens. Not to the strong is the battle, not to the swift is the race, but to the true doers is given grace …not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the boss.

We are not here to live like Jesus, nor to follow him or anyone, we are here to live a life as no one but we can. In a sense our divine parent gets to live billions of unique life experience through us. Whatever would he or she want with millions of close copies of one if even what many might consider the “best” of them. Why, even Jesus said to his friends, “Greater works than I have done you shall do because I’m not sticking around.” I transliterated that last part a bit. His brother James wrote of faith and works in his short letter, “I will show you my faith by my works.”

I know I may sometimes write like I know it all. I do not, but this one thing I am beginning to grasp that we learn best by doing, we get better by doing, we become expert and successful by doing. I am not and will probably never be thought of as a great singer or writer either but sing ten thousand songs or write ten thousand blogs and you can get pretty proficient at both. Even more than that say, “I am a great writer, I am a great singer, and believe it enough to write and sing a little each day and a great writer and singer you are.

So ends the lesson.

Your friend, fellow traveler,

Writer, and singer,

David White

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