“Meet My Little Friend”

Blog 1357 – 06.07.2019

“Meet My Little Friend”

I am a very blessed man to not only have had a loving and lovely daughter (at least for thirty-two years) but also a handsome and very intelligent son. My son, Jon, now twenty-nine is even considering marriage and a family, children of his own.

One of my step-sons (I never cared for “step”, “half” and “in-law” as adjectives for to me family is family) had five children, three boys and two daughters, and I have never been much a part of their lives so I never felt like I got to be a real grandpa. I have warned my, contemplating perhaps someday to be husband and dad, son that I do not plan to be much of hands-on grandpa, neither nearby nor a big part of his children’s lives. Oh, I will send birthday gifts and Christmas presents and when he and his wife grow them up big enough to play with have them over for visits to spoil them rotten and send them home for “payback.” That is after all what grandparents do best. And I plan to always have plenty of candy and whatever their parents won’t let them have on hand to buy their everlasting devotion and affection. “More scotch little guy, no rocks, and of course you look good in that skimpy little outfit little princess.” Ha, I am only kidding, I would do my best to be a good grandpa, though spoiling is what I think we all need more of. Tough love is for prison guards and not for parents, grandparents, family, and teachers, in my opinion.

A friend that I met while on a work assignment in Wisconsin, named Deb, is a new and recent first time grandma (she prefers Ya Ya and is completely Ga Ga for Amelia, the bundle in pink pictured above.) What a little love, I have not met Amelia but be sure I have seen a few pictures (Deb has said more than once “I am gonna blow up your phone”) well maybe more than a few pictures. A couple of days ago she sent me several shots, all with different facial expressions in that pink outfit.

Later in the afternoon after viewing and deleting the pictures the line from a Godfather mob movie came to mind, “Meet my little friend” as I envisioned a blog with one of those pictures introducing the fans and followers of the encouraging word blog to my little friend Amelia. I asked Deb to send me one of the pics in pink again and she resent them all saying, “Good luck just picking one for the blog.” As usual she was right. The best I could do was narrow it down to three. I used to joke with Deb before Amelia was born that all new-born babies look a lot like Winston Churchill to me. That is no insult to Mr. Churchill for I think his face had a lot of character and resolve if not the catalog model or movie leading man attractiveness that most regard as handsome or beautiful.

Amelia is a pretty one and was from the start. I am glad I will get to see her grow up in pictures if not in person. Makes me think I might have to revise my grand-parenting plans and be as big a part of my one day grandkids lives as my son and his wife will let me be. “Grandpa White” has a nice ring to it. Thanks Dad for showing me how to be one, and you, Amelia, for reminding me how nice it would be to hold a little one again, bounce them on my knee, and throw them in the air, well maybe not that last one, I will leave that one to dad. Be mindful, Jon, if you do, the ceiling is closer than you think, sorry about that.

Say hi everyone, to my little friend Amelia.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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