One Proud And Humble Spirit

Blog 1348 – 05.29.2019

One Proud And Humble Spirit

It is said that to be truly adult we must learn to see both sides of the coin and also learn to hold at once two opposing thoughts in our head and heart. The first part of the first of the Ten Intentions For A Better World says, “I refrain from opposing or harming anyone…” and I think behaving like someone truly grown-up makes it so much easier to accomplish that feat. Realizing and recognizing that there is seldom if ever only one correct answer or take on “the truth” and that there are not even just two sides to a coin. There is also at least the outer edge making three, and a microscopic analysis would reveal many more. There is always so much more to see and understand, if we can just stay open to the possibilities.

Today, two days after the conclusion of the annual “Outland Family Reunion” held in Murray, Kentucky for many years (I feel honored and fortunate to have attended twice) I pay tribute to it’s ninety-three year old matriarch, the incomparable Aunt Dottie. She actually has a certificate from the Governor of Kentucky declaring her an official, if honorary, Kentucky Colonel. Even at ninety-three Dottie is still the life of the party and the biggest draw for the four day weekend affair that has those four days packed full of events planned and executed as family traditions. One of my favorite events of the two reunions that I attended was the Sunday eating out event and the computer slide-type presentation of gatherings past. The Outland reunion was a favorite of my dear and departed daughter, Emily Elaine White, and there are many pictures of her smiling and enjoying herself at those reunions that she participated in over the years.

I do not know how many more that Aunt Dottie will be here for. It is hard to imagine one without her but then like Stan Lee in even the Marvel movies since his passing, Dottie will always have a cameo in any future Outland reunions and in all our hearts who know and love her. If I am working still in Indiana next year I will do my best to be there as I was first for my daughter’s Viking Funeral and then again several years later. I never got to attend one with her while she was alive but then for me she lives always and no more so than at a place and event that she loved so much, run by and starring the lady that Emily loved and we all do, adore, and salute, a proud and humble spirit, like that of Shirley Temple pictured above in the movie, Little Colonel. So is Our Kentucky Colonel, Aunt Dottie.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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