Well Written, Well Read

Blog 1347 – 05.28.2019

Well Written, Well Read

It is the dream of every writer that his or her words be well-written and well-read. Though it is true that a work of art is a thing of beauty standing alone it is also true that the artist wants that work to be appreciated and known. Often true creative genius is only recognized after passing off the stage and many perhaps even most may seem never to be fully appreciated and yet great things can be accomplished in a little light.

There are lesser lights in the night sky. They are stars too in their own right. Which shall I be when all my performance is all done, I do not know, a twinkling star or a bright sun. I only know that while I am writing, feeling the flow of words and thoughts through me and onto the page or into the air that I am content. Like a secretary taking dictation, or a messenger delivering a message, I feel useful in the best way.

I used to hear it said when I was a young lad that to be a true artist one has to suffer. I do not know about that but one does I think have to put themself out there to develop their craft in whatever way they choose to do that. To paraphrase an early poem of my own:

As my life I would wish of beauty to write

Even lesser stars still brighten the night

All share in the glory, have story to write

Our best time spent just sharing our light.

Well, whether this blog was just an excuse for this poet to write another poem or not, I hope it encourages some writer to keep writing and some reader to keep reading. We are those of us who know how to do either, truly both, readers and writers. In whatever way we choose we are all adding our lines and chapters to the great novel called life. And I believe that it will be written well and read well by many.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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