I Told You, What’d I Tell You

Blog 1346 – 05.27.2019

I Told You, What’d I Tell You

We, many if not most of us, have so much trouble learning to just allow others to have their own experiences and allowing ourselves to have our own and not trying to live somebody else’s. Now that I have you and myself probably thoroughly confused let me try to untangle that a bit.

I think trying to live someone else’s life or trying to force them to live our experience equally are sure fire ways to “die before our time.” Is that even possible? We say and hear some pretty silly and crazy sounding things but it is most important to listen to the one true and most important voice for us – our own, that still small voice that seems to be so overpowered by the tumult of our fast paced and over busy lives.

Ray Stevens many years ago sang, “I think it’s just about time to have a little talk with myself.” To be sure ego wants you to listen to him as do all the con-men, pitch men, and politicians trying to sell you this or that, sadly even friends and family often try to steer us in this or that direction because of they have their own agenda. For this reason I remind myself and often that allowing others to have their own experience is the greatest act of love. Lining others up is not and has never been our job or responsibility.

At the root of all “empire” is this notion that everyone in the world wants to be just like us or would if they knew the truth or how cool we really are. Two examples are – everyone does not want to drink tea or smoke nor does everyone want to eat McDonalds and drink Coke. I understand the temptation when we find something that excites and inspires us to want to share that with others but trying to make others like us or to be just like others is to me “sickness” not “salvation” for either.

You and I came here to experience life to the fullest and never needed any other hero to guided us than the one inside our own heart and mind. The U.S. Army had a rather smart recruiting campaign some years ago that said, “Be all you can be, in the Army.” Been there done that. I can still remember getting up early every morning all dressed alike, marching in formation and some fellow clown would always remark, “ My, but your mother sure dresses you funny.” Most would smile or laugh thinking, mama would never dress me like this, only my Uncle Sam. I am not trying to discourage anyone who wishes or even thinks they do from pursuing a military career even one short enlistment or whatever dream they want to live out. What I am saying is that love let’s and sets us and others free to pursue our own experiences. Some of the greatest words ever written are, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable right, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” That is some great stuff. Even the Bible, a book used to enslave far more than it ever set free says, “Having obtained your freedom be careful not to allow anyone to enslave you again.” As children we perhaps need someone to tell us what to do and where to go. As adults we do not and shame on us if we allow Madison Avenue, politicians, salesmen, preachers, or popes, or even this writer to do that for us. Patrick Henry, who had his own ideas, is said to have said, “Give me liberty or give me death.” There is no real life without the freedom of being allowed to have our own experiences. No matter what anyone, including me tells you or told you, you are free to be you, No Matter What.


No Matter What

I Want You To imagine the words written below the above picture:

I Want You To Have Your Own Experiences And To Enjoy This Life To The Max.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Doing my own thing and hoping you do too.

David White

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