The Best

Blog 1343 – 05.24.2019

The Best

I heard a preacher say once that the best thing a father could do for his children was to love their mother. Many a parent says loving their child or children is the best thing in their life. Others that loving their mother, father, lover is the best and greatest love in their life. Some say loving God, whatever you perceive Him or Her to be ought to be the greatest, the best, love in our lives. Jesus is quoted as saying just before he, according to the story, willingly made the ultimate sacrifice, “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

Ole, skewed view Dave disagrees with all of those proposed “best loves.” One of my best friends often texts, emails, or says, “I love you best.” That sentiment is to me somewhat mysterious and at the same time a bit off-putting. First because I am not quite sure how to take it. What is it really supposed to mean, is love really some kind of contest like arm wrestling to see whose arm and in this case whose heart is the strongest? Somehow I do not think love works like that at all.

And I know we have all been taught in Sunday school, church, temple, mosque, shrine, or whatever sacred place to put Creator, and others first, to love others best, better than we love ourselves. But ought we not love the one we know best the best, the most, if love has degrees? And I do not think it does. Can we love any one best truly if we love anyone especially ourselves less?

King Agrippa in the New Testament said to Saul, called Paul, as he went on about the new great love in his life, Jesus, “Paul your great learning has made you mad (crazy.) I submit to you till we fall crazy in love with ourselves that the whole of our life and priorities is bit off kilter and insane.

Whitney Houston, I think, said and sang it best, although sadly her life and the tragic ending of it seemed to show she did not believe what she sang in The Greatest Love Of All.

The best that you or I can do for our children, our lovers, our family, our friends, is practicing till we perfect the greatest and best love of all, loving ourselves first and others, everyone, and everything else a very close second. That alone would end forever jealousy and most if not all the problems in this life. At least that is my opinion, and I could be wrong, but I am going to stick with this till something better comes along.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Loving me best but you, all, a very close second,

David White

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