Definitely A Story There

Blog 1342 – 05.23.2019

Definitely A Story There

To all you writers or would be writers out there searching as I am always for more readers, keep writing and often and as much as your otherwise busy life allows. Will every word you write, hit the mark, be read, or even survive you? Probably not, for few if any of us will ever win big writing contracts, awards, or have writing scholarships named for us. But is that really what we are writing for? Maybe sometimes, but writers write mostly because they have a story or stories to tell. Or maybe it is someone else’s story we feel compelled to re-tell from our own point of view.

When I wrote, “Emily, The Little Girl Who Sang Her Song To Anyone Who Came A Long” I hoped to tell a small part of what I believed and still do to be the Greatest Story Ever Told. Even Jesus story, as told in the Bible is but another small part of that bigger story. We are each of us, I think, like Jesus and Emily chapters in the great story, greatest tale of tales.

Some who doubt their own place in the story or gifts may say, “But you writers have a special gift.” I guess I used to think that too, but I do not any longer. We all, I think, have access to the same Muse, the same Spirit of Love, and are all just scribes writing, singing, or just repeating what we have heard. I have to date written over thirteen hundred short pieces (blogs) in the three short years I have been posting at the encouraging word. I see and hear stories in everything I see and in every person I meet. I only have to stop a moment to jot something down and it ever amazes me how easily it starts to flow. I no longer need credit or accolades to keep at it. The words from a Bill Wither’s song just came to mind, “I say, Brothers, if it feels this good being used, you just keep on using me till you use me up.” The old preacher trying to get more offering in the offering plate said, “Don’t just give till it hurts, keep giving till it feels good.” That is the way I feel about writing. In the beginning it was a pain and a strain to try get it out and in print but now it is something I have to do daily or my life feels less or incomplete, less sweet.

I could never learn to play guitar because I could not practice till my fingers quit bleeding, developed calluses, and even began to feel good and long for the pressure of the strings as music flows out of the heart into the instrument. But I did learn to use the strings, my vocal chords, passed hurting at holding the high or low notes, and to tune my mind to pick up stations across the wide band. I am a speaker, a singer-song writer, a story teller, a writer, and a teacher. But, then all of us are to varying degrees all of those things and musicians, dancers, and artists too, for we all come from artistic parents, the He and She who are all things and can do all things, the Universal Deity, heavenly/earthly parents.

Keep doing your thing, however you choose to display the family resemblance and share your part of the story, the rest of us are watching, listening and taking notes. There is definitely a story there. I was created to create, but so, my friends, were you. It feels so good doing what you were made to do.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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