Before The Rooster Crows Three Times

Blog 1341 – 05.22.2019

Before The Rooster Crows Three Times

That line is one of the most ominous and tragic predictions in the New Testament. It speaks of a betrayal in many ways more terrible and tragic than that of Judas. Many think Judas was never close but always had his own secret agenda. The people who judge Judas the harshest have their own issues. But Simon, called Peter, he was in the “inner circle.” Or at least among the top three who thought they were “especially chosen.” Nonsense, but fisherman Peter and his two fishing buddies, the Sons of Thunder, James and John, were always vying for preeminence and for “Shotgun” or seats next to Jesus.

James and John got their nickname, Sons of Thunder, because they had asked Jesus for permission to call down fire on some people who had rejected their gospel to which he had replied, “You do not know what Spirit you are of.” It certainly was not in that moment the Spirit Of Love. But Pete and the Jay Jays professed love and undying devotion for Jesus, something to the effect “If all the others turn tail and run we will stick by you.” When the High Priest’s hit squad police came to arrest Jesus in the garden pre-arranged by brother Judas, turned police informant. The third Jay had told them to arrest the man that he kissed and let the others be, like a scene from the movie, The Godfather. Some think he was only trying to force his beloved Master’s hand so would take his true place as a literal king and throw the occupying “evil empire” out. As the arrest was about to go down Peter pulled his borrowed “concealed carry” sword and whacked off the High Priest’s servant’s ear. Jesus, probably said, “Stand down” as he reattached the ear as good as new. Some say he could have called ten thousand angels but he did not need “back up” and that was never a part of his plan. Judas was like many of us, mistaken regarding Jesus’ plans then and for our future.

Peter and the two thought they’d stay true but they were writing checks they had not the funds to cash. When the going got tough they all got going. It was all according to plan and Jesus knew they would and he loved them still and call me crazy or don’t but I think Jesus loved Judas and forgave him too just as Love always has and will, me and you.

And like the three who thought they were so chosen and so special, we often disappoint ourselves but never the One who knows us best and still loves us best. I think we, all of us, are chosen, special, and loved not because of what we have done or shall do but because of who and whose we are. That has always been and will always be true whether a rooster crows or not.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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