Where Ever I May Roam I Am Happily At Home

Blog 1340 – 05.21.2019

Wherever I May Roam I Am Happily At Home

Wherever I may roam, I am always at home. When I first attended Bible College over forty-six years ago there was a trio of touring college singers who called themselves, The Homeward Bound Trio. It is a common notion among Christians and other religious groups that we are exiled from our home and must find our way back. As I wrote yesterday I have come to think it is a lot more like The Wizard Of Oz than Pilgrims Progress what Home really is. “Get and stay under the spout where the blessings come out” a beloved pastor used to stay, but I think even he was expecting Heaven, Home to be some kind of pie in the sky.

I on the other hand think it is way simpler than that – Home/Heaven is and always was and will be merely where we are and it is entirely up to us to make and keep it so. That is truly getting and staying under the spout where the blessings come out. What are blessings and where do they come from. As I have already alluded to many times the word blessing or blessed is a synonym for happiness or happy. And in case you get synonyms and antonyms confused, who has not at one time or other, synonyms are words that have the same meaning. So I rephrase my original question, What is happiness and where does it come from? First let me address a line I used to hear where someone tried to differentiate between the words happiness and joy. The phrase, “Straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel” comes to mind. I am pretty sure “joy” and “happiness” are synonyms too. House of Joy and House of Happiness being examples. The people who think joy and happiness different used to say, “Happiness depends on what happens and joy is something you can experience no matter what happenstance you are in.” Well, that is all semantics, twisting words and their meanings to make them say whatever you wish to deny or to prove. Though I do enjoy playing with words their true purpose is to make clear, not muddle things up, mangled, and manipulate.

I am a simple, straight-talking, happy, joyful person. I smile a lot and one younger job project manager I met on an assignment in Virginia, some years ago now, after I had been on the job a couple of weeks said to me, “David, I notice that you seem to be always happy and constantly and consistently smiling. What is your secret?” And I, always looking for the laugh, replied, “Well, I do masterbate a lot.” He, as most working guys would, cracked up.

Before you “moral” and “religious” folk have a cow, and I realize I have probably lost most of you already, please hear me out. I am trying to make a point. At many massage parlor, I am told, one (male or female) can get for a little extra, a little extra, what is called “a happy ending.” I have always, at least since about eleven years of age, been a hands on, do it yourself kind of guy.

Many if not all of us guys are and many of you ladies too. In my case, I have joked that I am a Master Bater and have probably more than enough credits for several PHD’s in that field.

But whatever makes you happy and a wonderful orgasm even solo does that for many of us. I figure learning what and how to make yourself happy is one if not the most important of life skills. Many seems to be so stressed, depressed, and miserable, expecting, sadly, someone else to make them happy, create happiness for them. That seldom if ever happens to and for most of us. It is up to us often and always to create our own happy endings sexually and otherwise. You’re such a wise guy, I almost wrote smart ass, hey but that is better than being and remaining a dumb ass.

Whether you decide to get your happiness from a smoke, a drink, a pill, or a needle or prefer to take matters in hand yourself. It is up to you and you alone to figure out what makes and keeps you happy and to find your happy place.

Here’s wishing each and all, Happy Days, and Happy Nights.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

“Kiss your mother with that mouth Dave?”

David White

A fools rush in where angels fear to tread production. Mama might not approve.

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