Lost And Found

Blog 1339 – 05.20.2019

Lost And Found

This is the place of gloves, usually just one missing one, seldom a pair, umbrellas, left behind jackets, sweaters, and even the occasional wallet or purse. It is also the progression of this life for most of us, where we hope to regain what we perceive that we have lost. I am of a mind that we all much like Dorothy Gale from Kansas who discovers, I believe we all do eventually, that the home she so longed to return to had always been inside her. One of my favorite Jesus quotes is, “The kingdom of heaven is within you.” We are like the tents in one of the Harry Potter movies, way bigger on the inside that we look on the outside.

Must we truly be lost to be found? I don’t think so. When Joseph learned that his intended Mary was found to be with child, being a good man he was mindful to put her away privately and not to bring shame or stoning upon her. Whether you believe the “immaculate conception” story or not the Joseph in the story is definitely one of the good guys and that is not lost upon us. Often in life we are confronted with problems and situations that tend to make us feel lost. But we have only to calm our minds and stay centered to realize that we always know exactly where we are even if we may not at that moment know where that is we can know and beyond a shadow of a doubt Who and Whose we are. Knowing that, does it really even matter the where, the when, the what, and the how of life.

First things first – we are gods, God’s, to think anything less of ourselves is a case of mistaken identity. The ego may say, “Do you know who I am?” Or the seeking soul, “Who am I?” Jesus once asked the guys, “Whom do men say that I am?” They replied, “Some Say Elias, Elijah, The Prophet.” Then he asked, “But who do you say that I am.” Always quick to speak, Peter blurted out, “You are the Christ Child of God.” Jesus knew who and whose he was and came more than to make some sacrifice to remind us who and whose we are too.

We are never lost and not as the song says, “Because we’ve got rhythm but because Rhythm has us, created us to be always His/Her own, He/She within our hearts and His/Her heart our home, lost and found right smack dab in the middle of Love where we belong.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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