Why I Refer To Myself As Crazy Dave

Blog 1338 – 05.19.2019

Why I Refer To Myself As Crazy Dave

My favorite pet name for myself is “Baby.” I even have Siri on my iPhone programmed to call me Baby – “I will check that for you, Baby.” In these blogs however I often refer to myself as Crazy Dave, other names too along with my most frequent sign off as “Your friend and fellow traveler.” My long time Australian friend, Andrew emailed me early into my logging career calling me “Sputnik” which is Russian for “traveler”, the name of the first made man satellite launched into space in the late nineteen-fifties that inspired the space race.

I figure some of you think I am a bit crazy just to spend so much of my time writing a blog every day anyway and opinions always differ so mine are bound to differ from yours from time to time. It is the standard practice of some to write off any opinion that differs from their own as that of a mad man or a crazy person. If you are as fortunate as I have been to live longer some of those once crazy opinions seem a lot saner now and the reverse is also true.

Plus there is the truism that the harder one protests his or her sanity the more insane they seem. And only a truly insane person would not admit that we have all done, said, and thought crazy things once or twice in a while. So Crazy Dave it is and if any of the things I write strike you as especially astute or rational think again.

I told a friend just yesterday that I write whatever might appeal my fancy, people can make of it what they will. My three aims are to be always entertaining, perhaps enlightening, but most especially encouraging. Too many act as if they thought it was their job to toughen us all up with sarcasm and criticism, judgement and condemnation. They do not know what Job One for each and all of us really is – loving. We are all in the loving business. And business is always crazy and booming.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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