Blog 1343 – 05.14.2019

Hold On To Your Friends

One of the writers of the Proverbs said of children, “Happy is the man who has his quiver full.” I fathered but two children and the first has already been gone almost seven years, my Emily. But my son Jay is rapidly reaching the age that she was when she left us for a bigger brighter room to fill with her wonderful songs. I love my children and yet I am also grateful for a multitude, a full quiver, full of friends.

My friend Paul V. Cannon in Australia posted a poem about Wandoo trees today called Friends. The poem and song sung by Little Rascal Alfalfa went, “I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.” The trees are our friends without them we would have a harder time holding on, breathing, and flourishing but what do we do to trees? As the old joke goes about animals, “The animals are our friends and what do we do to our friends? We eat them.” Well, few of us actually eat trees unless we are channeling Yule Gibbons. If my references are too old for you, children, look them up. I am talking about trees, the oldest living creatures on the planet but many of the oldest ones are long gone now.

So also will we be and soon after we lose all our family and friends. It is therefore a good plan to be always making new ones. Plant a tree, make a new friend, prepare for the long haul. If only the good die young, you and I might be here awhile, friend, so take care of the trees and all of your other friends.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Tree hugger and hugger of all my friends,

David White

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