“Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…”

Blog 1342 – 05.13.2919

“Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…”

I have been thinking a lot about mirrors lately and the way they reflect back to us what we need to see. It might do us well to realize that we are always looking in the mirror and what we see is ourself. If that is a scary thought to you, it need not be. Two of the odd things, but not really I guess, about my beloved mother was that she did not care to hear her own voice recorded nor to have her picture taken, especially videoed. There is a story my cousin tells every Christmas about how my mom, usually mild mannered and reserved, completely lost it at a family Christmas gathering one year because she thought someone was videoing her. She caused such a scene that dad had to take her home.

I never got to meet my daddy’s dad, Thomas Fleetwood White. I only saw one rare photo of him with half his face shadowed by a wide brim hat in the sunlight. My dad said he thought that his dad might have been on the run from the law because of the way he avoided having his picture taken. Far as I know my mother never was in trouble with the law, she just did not love herself enough nor accept herself as she was. That is and was always sad to me for she was wonderful and her face, form, and voice that of an angel.

What do you see in the mirror of life? Again the lines of the First Intention for a Better World come to me. “I see life in all things and honor it as if it were my own.” It truly always is – reflected back at you, Divine Creator that you are. It is no accident you meet the people you do, see the places you do, and that you are born, live, and die where you do. You, at least your higher self, planned it all every detail for you so you would learn the most about Who and Whose you truly are from this adventure and most likely countless other ones like it.

Most vehicle mirrors have blind spots. It is for, that reason, always a good idea to turn your head before changing lanes to make sure there is no one in that blind spot. My dad, a life long big truck driver, was always quick to warn, my brother, my mother, and I when we were driving to stay out of big truck blind spots.

If it bothers you to see yourself in your mom and dad what about your supposed enemies? All and everything you see is, I think, just reflection of you. I believe that love transforms. In one of my favorite movies called Jacob’s Ladder a young returning Vietnam Vet has horrible visions of demons trying to drag him to hell but an angel chiropractor friend informs him that to someone not ready to die the heavenly angels sent to escort him home might seem like monsters dragging him to torment. Only loves sees things for what they truly are, beloved and lovely reflections of ourself.

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Why, you, of course.

Your friend, fellow traveler,

And fellow mirror,

David White

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