My Mother’s Day Gifts To Mama

Blog 1341 – 05.12.2019

My Mother’s Day Gifts To Mama

When I became a young man I tried to buy more expensive gifts to remind my mother on Mother’s Day how very much I loved her. The year that I spent in Vietnam, 1970, I even mailed her a string of cultured pearls. But none of the expense roses I bought her could, I think, compare to the wild flowers, more weeds than flowers, that I picked for her as a boy. And even pearls could not out shine in her eyes the poems and color crayon sketches composed especially for her. My brother and I found many of these kept and treasured in her things after she passed.

All little boys love their mama’s and little girl’s their daddy’s with few if any exceptions and those are usually the saddest stories of all. For what indeed must a mommy or daddy have to do to lose the love of a child willing to forgive and forget or even overlook most any slight or character flaw in their beloved parent.

My mother was a wonderful mother, her love was fierce and never failing. We may not have always agreed but I never doubted that she loved me the very best she could and that my happiness and well-being was paramount to her. When as a young working man one of my fellow workers lost his mom in death, I remember that our supervisor announcing to us all why our co-worker would be off work a few days said, “He just lost the best friend he will ever have.” But, as often as I cried for fear as a little boy at the thought of someday losing you, I know now it was a silly fear, for I could never lose you nor the love that you so carefully tucked inside my heart. All the love that I every felt for another woman, a child, a friend, any, and everyone you taught me. And all I can say this Mother’s Day and for the rest of my life, or perhaps many lives to come is, “I love you, Mama. Thank you for inspiring my best gifts.” Happy Mother’s Day, one and all and especially all of you who wear that wonderful title – Mother.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Alene Florence Davidson White’s baby boy,

David White

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