Reign, Reign, Reign

Blog 1336 – 05.07.2019

Reign, Reign, Reign

Midway from start to finish we often find ourself awakening as from a vivid splendid dream, momentarily unaware of whether we are truly waking or yet sleeping, as if in a dream within a dream. Whatever are you talking about this early in the morning, Crazy Dave? I am, as most always, talking about Who and Whose we are. They used to say of a certain deodorant that it took the worry out of being close. But I say as the old joke that close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. Perhaps that is also true of self-knowledge. Maybe being close is what life is really all about.

We have, most of us it seems, bought into one of the biggest cosmic lies: the myth of isolation, that we are not a part but apart from the Universe. Little could be further from the truth. For we are both the center of the Universe and its whole. Our ego-centric ancients we are told believed that the sun went round the earth. Not so crazy a theory as it sounds at least in a spiritual sense. Whose to say that we are not the center of everything and that all of this our own doing. Lines from a lovely song by the very lovely Vanessa Williams comes to mind:

“Sometimes the snow comes down in June,

Sometimes the sun goes ‘round the moon,

Just when I thought our chance had passed

You go and save the best for last.”

The best, the very best, is the sure and certain knowledge of just Who and Whose we are. Just like The Game Of Thrones, John Snow, who for all of his first life and much of his second believed himself to be the son of a lesser but noble lord, Ned Stark, but is revealed to be the son and true heir to the seven kingdoms, we are individually and collectively not heirs to just a mythical kingdom but first in the royal and divine line to the throne of the entire Universe. What’s up with that? Talk about your spoiler alerts. You know once the beans are split so to speak that the series or in our case life is almost done with just the wrapping of it up in a nice bow to be completed and after that and soon we and the cast of thousands will be on to play other roles.

Perhaps that is at least one reason why we fight the disclosure of our “true identity” so hard. Maybe like John Snow we are so busy pretending that we do not want to be king but all along no other role has ever suited us more – that is the whole reason we are here and discovering and rediscovering that irrefutable knowledge is what this and countless lives have all been about.

What to we do now, now that we know? Why we reign, reign, reign of course.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Brother royal as it were,

David White

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