Happy Birthday, Brother

Blog 1335 – 05.06.2019

Happy Birthday, Brother

Today, my beloved brother, Robert Wayne White, turns “sweet sixteen and never been kissed.” I have eighteen months seniority on him this go round and suffice it to say we are both over sixteen and very practiced kissers.

I love my “little brother” and have for all of this life, in fact it was his sweet three year old voice that I first remember calling me “baby” because he found David a bit hard to pronounce. When my beloved daughter, Emily, gave her duel concert near Brothers Cabin, Tennessee barely six months before she graduated from this life, she sang what I fondly call “The Baby Song” for all of us, twice.


She has been gone almost seven years and the Nora Jones song “Seven” from which I took the title of a book that I wrote about her still echoes in my heart, “Emily, The Little Girl Who Sang Her Song To Anyone Who Came Along” along with the Baby Song. My brother Robert and his buddies appreciated my Emily’s voice and clapped so hard making her duel concert I think one of her finest.


I am not a great one for memorializing graduation days, births, deaths or other special holidays. I choose to do my best to honor them all as the one side of the heart shaped medallion that I carry most always in my pocket says, “Thank you for this day, Spirit.” And the flip side reminds me not just to be grateful for each day but of Who and Whose I am. And so are each of you my brothers and sisters.

So happy birthday, Bob, Sam, Sally, and Sue. I am so glad and grateful that you were born at just the right time to share this adventure with me. What tales we will all have to tell when we get home, tales of as a young poet I once knew wrote:

“Of love’s great adventure

The good, perfect, and right

All my life, always my wish

Encouraging words to write.”

At least I would have written it that way then if I had known then what I know now so many birthdays later.

I love you, Robert, my brother, and each and every one of you reading this now and others I hope will read it long after he and I have graduated too.

Your friend, fellow traveler,

And fellow deity,

David White

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