Think Happy Thoughts

Blog 1334 – 05.05.2019

Think Happy Thoughts

The true secret to happiness is as simple as today’s title. We are not what we do or what we eat but we are what we think. That is our reality, no matter what is going on around us. In fact some believe we draw to us what we dwell on in our thoughts. It is called the Law of Attraction.

We are therefore ultimately responsible for our own dreams and lives and should allow others to have their own experiences. That is not to say that we or they cannot share or buy into others’ sweet dreams or nightmares. Indeed we can and often do but even then we are responsible for choosing to. You might say, “Crazy Dave, I just do not buy or believe your “law.” First In is not “my law” and if it is indeed a law it works whether or not we buy into it, believe it or not.

It is silly therefore to moan and groan our present situation and try to blame it on somebody else. If, as the Law of Attraction states, we draw to ourselves what we dwell on in our thoughts, if we are not happy with the situations, things, and people that surround us we need not change them but our own thinking. Still one might say it is hard to think happy thoughts when one is not happy.

Who is responsible for our happiness if not us? And if our thoughts brought us to this or this to us then the only way to can change it is by exchanging those thoughts for other happier ones. “Think Happy Thoughts” is not just some Mary Sunshine nonsense it is using our best sense and taking back the power we may have thought we never had or that having it we lost it, the creative power that has always been ours because of Who and Whose we are and have always been.

We, my friends, too often have had the cart before the horse and blamed our unhappiness on people, things, and situations around us not realizing that the world around us sprang from our thoughts and not the other way around. An inspired writer once wrote, “If there is any thing lovely, good, and true – think on these things.” If on the other hand we still want to be miserable and unhappy we can keep choosing to think miserable and unhappy thoughts. As we ought to allow others to, we do get to have our own experiences.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

With three encouraging words,

David White

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