There Is Beauty All Around Us

Blog 1333 – 05.04.2019

There Is Beauty All Around Us

It is everywhere we go just like love that is the true source of all things bright and beautiful. Some of those things and some of us as well may not look so bright and beautiful at first glance but trust me we all are. Wild and wonderful too. I am reminded of the description of the great Lion King and Creator of Narnia in C. S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia where we are reminded, the children and us, that Aslan is many things but we must remember that He is not tame. One cannot be really beautiful and wonderful without being also wild and free.

One of the great adjectives to describe feminine beauty is “exotic” and a parallel in the masculine is, “tall, dark, and handsome.” I have a suspicion that the dark means more than hair color or complexion but dangerous, not tame, wild.

I usually have little clue when I start a blog where the thoughts and words will lead me but I hope that we will find together, my readers and I, an encouraging word. I do not happen to think “nice” is an especially encouraging word nor is it especially thrilling or inspiring. It sounds too watered down, stripped of vim, vigor, and vitality.

Beauty reminds us that Love is not tame but wild enough to be like the saying, “Good girls go to heaven but bad girls go everywhere, and bad boys too.” One more quote on the subject, attributed to western star John Wayne: “Being in church does not make one a good person anymore than being in garages makes one an automobile.” Get out of that “nice” little box and live that big, beautiful, wild, wonderful, free life that you intended to when you first thought up this adventure.

The New Testament gospels tell us that Jesus had no problem with tax collectors, harlots, and sinners of all kinds but he did have a big problem with church folks, the pretenders, the judges, and condemners, Who not only put themselves but tried to put everyone else, you guessed it, into a tiny box. But there is hope for even them because love when it is allowed to take root and grow makes us all free and beautiful.

“Hey, Good Looking, what ya got cooking?” “You’re Beautiful.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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