Never Really Alone

Blog 1328 – 04.29.2019

Never Really Alone

One of the saddest illusions is this notion of aloneness. Ego the imaginary enemy of our souls, that we invented, this false god, who’s philosophy is “divide and conquer” knows he/she has lost but seeks only to prolong our misery as long as possible. Trying to make us believe that we are alone and unloved is the plan and sadly we have all fallen into that trap at one time or another. It usually happens when we mistakenly believe that just because one soul does not respond to our affection that we are somehow unlovely, unlovable, and alone. It is a complete and utter misunderstanding of Who and Whose we are.

We Shine Together

The sun is also a star, a shining star,

And we though seeming lesser lights

Too often forget just who we truly are

Stumble blindly imagining the nights.

Darkness and distance only illusion

The true realities but life, light, love

Stars bind & shine away confusion

Shining together and forever above.

I just composed that poem on the spot for you, my friends. Light like lightning inspiration always strikes when we are busy about living. Light and love are but two of the three trinity faces in our shining life. Did you ever give much thought to the trinity? Three is one of those “complete” or “whole” numbers in the Bible like seven, twelve, or forty. Three, there is God – the Father, God – the Child, God – the Holy Spirit. Mankind is also three in one – body, mind, and spirit. The whole Universe, God again, life, light, and love. That is Who and Whose we are. And we are many, many things but alone has never been nor can ever be one of them.

I made reference sort of tongue in cheek yesterday to the theory of relativity. We are related to one another and all things for we are a part and parcel (Part and the whole package) of things. As I drove across part of Iowa, all the way across Illinois, and part way across Indiana yesterday I got to watch spring come alive before my eyes. Bright green new grass and little leaves on the trees, and another of my spring favorites, purple wisterias for miles and miles. For sometime now I have had the marvelous feeling that all this beauty was created just for me. I have often expressed it in the phrase, “And he shall have flowers wherever he goes.” We, I am afraid, have had it so backwards, we were taught and have taught others to believe that God gave us, His/Her Child to the world, when the far more correct and true-true is that it was ever and always the real plan to give the world to us. Malcom X used to say of himself and colored people (and that is all of us really except for possibly albinos and even they are some color other than just white, the absence of color) that, “We did not land on Plymouth Rock but Plymouth Rock landed on us.” We have all at one time or another like the loneliness thing felt like victims. But we are not and never could be for we are victors, more that conquerors, the inheritors, without working for it, of all there is or ever could be. That, my friends is Who and Whose we are, red, and yellow, black, brown, and white. We are Precious in His/Her sight. Pretty cool, huh?

Your friend, fellow traveler,

And joint heir to everything,

David White

Oh yeah, and you too shall have flowers wherever you go.

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