New Places And New Faces

Blog 1329 – 04.30.2019

New Places And New Faces

I can recall as a boy of five starting school that the thought of new places and new faces was not a pleasant one to me. I missed my mama, dad and little brother and these strangers did not seem to appreciate and love me as the folks did at home. For much of my young life and into my twenties I suffered greatly with what I called at the time, “home sickness.” I realize now that my true home was unbounded and my fear of new places and new faces unfounded.

For several years now I am always thrilled by the opportunities of seeing new places and new faces. One of the great things to me about relocating to a new place to work is getting to meet new people, to hear their stories and getting to retell mine to a new audience. My dad always told me that a good story gets better the more you tell it and for all he might have gotten wrong (and that not so much as I might have once thought) he definitely got that one right.

Another of the, to me at least, fun things about travel is finding my way to the places that make most any city or town feel like home, you know, the Walmart, the McDonald’s, the Walgreens, those places that have most things a growing boy could want or need. And, yes, I am still growing, at sixty-eight, especial hair in places it never grew before, like my ears. Sometimes when I look in the mirror, even that face staring back seems like a new face or my dad staring back at me. I suppose one of our greatest fears as children is that we might become our parents. But if we are fortunate to live long enough for some of that life experience wisdom to kick in, we find some peace with that. And the line from Bonnie Rhaitt’s song: “Those lines are pretty hard to take when they’re staring back at you” loses much of it sting. I can still recall my Mom thinking she was old when she was about to turn thirty or a certain young girl thinking I was an old man at thirty-five. Just babies, all under fifty, they seem to me now.

Nick Of Time

Bonnie’s face was not a new face when I first heard her sing this song some years ago but it was and is still a pretty face. I recall a movie in my youth called Logan’s Run where some people who had escaped a domed city, where no one past thirty was allowed to live, met an old man with deep lines in his face and how beautiful they thought that face was. As the Ray Steven’s song says, “Everything is beautiful in its own way.”

I am, as I said, quite excited about seeing new places and new faces. That is the way I choose to live my life for now and always.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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