Don’t Stick A Fork In My Travel Plans Yet

Blog 1324 – 04.25.2019

Don’t Stick A Fork In My Travel Plans Yet

As a very young boy I learned the tentativeness of life. I started elementary school at one school and just a couple of months into my second school year my family moved to a new school district. I was allowed to finish second grade in that school, living just two blocks from my new school. Third and fourth grade there and I started a new school for the fifth grade though we did not move near that one till Halloween of that year. Two years there and I started Junior High at a new school, the first of three schools I would spend three years at. The other two were high school and the third, one of the three colleges I attended.

I was not as the song says, “Born in the back seat of a Greyhound bus roiling down Highway Forty-One but I was, I think, nevertheless, born to be a ramblin’ man. My pupils dilate, my heart beats fast, and my breath catches as I think a new adventure might await me down or up the road. I have crisscrossed this country several times and even made some tracks around the globe and I have yet to get enough of this traveling life.

I do plan, if I live long enough, to build a small place somewhere, maybe on the Stokes Farm In South Carolina, to call home and spend time with my dear wife Linda. But she is aware I still want to spend part of each year tooling up the highways and byways, seeing places I have yet to see, and meeting people I have yet to meet.

When I was a teen, CBS broadcasted a series of shows called On The Road With Charles Kuralt. This guy was my hero. He traveled the highways, shunning the Interstates and even was quoted saying, “The Interstates will get you coast to coast fast without seeing a thing.” Charles wore out three travel trailers over the years his show lasted and even way back then I felt the draw of such a traveling life. Not until both of my children were grown did I cast my fate to the wind and the road and take up this on the road work full time.

I fully expect to finish wearing out my current home on wheels and already have tentative plans to park a newer one at the farm where in a couple/three years I hope to start building that permanent older folks home from which to roam as long as I am able and the road still beckons.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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