How To Accomplish The Seemingly Impossible

Blog 1325 – 04.26.2019

How To Accomplish The Seemingly Impossible

Easy Peasy Really – the same way you eat an elephant or climb the highest mountain – one bite or one step at a time. I love the term “Baby Steps” and not just because “Baby” is my favorite pet name for myself but because I have discovered the “black hole”, “time and space transport portal” that more than any straight line or hard work is the shortest distance between any two points or between us and our dearest dreams. What is it Dave Baby, tell us quick? I already did – Baby Steps.

It is a lesson we learned early, but most of us have allowed what Jesus called, “The cares of this life and the deceitfulness of riches” to cause us to forget. Little babies graduate fast from rolling over, to slow crawling, then fast crawling, then shakily standing, to, yep you guessed it baby steps which can take them or us anywhere in the wide world we want to go.

But “the cares of this life” if we are not very careful will rob us of that love/lust for life that we had in abundance as children. And all too many of us, too much of the time, when given the chance to sit it out or dance, decide to just sit it out. Shame on us.

What of that “deceitfulness of riches” not my problem you might say for I have never known riches. Really, the real deceit of riches, I think, is the false promise that money is the answer to all our problems. It is not, in fact for every one it appears to solve, it causes another. Many think, “If I could just win the lottery I would be happy for the rest of my life. Think again, after Uncle Sam, everyone you ever knew would be beating a path to your door with their hands out and their mouths full of ideas about how to spend, invest, make the best use of all your money.

Richard Pryor made a movie many years ago called Brewster’s Million where he was given a million dollars and if he could get rid of it in a month with nothing to show for it he would stand to inherit many millions more. It was harder to do than one might think and packed with many funny situations. Money like so many things means little without love and true friends to share it with. One of the great deceits of riches is that though it promises lots of friends the reality of having a lot of money often makes us doubt all new people who want to be our friends but even worse doubt even the friends we previously had.

Baby steps, even in saving small amounts of money at a time will bring us riches that do not slip quickly through our fingers like water. True friends stick with us poor or rich. Easy come, easy go. Slowly acquired slower to leave.

Today I completed the last of my forty-five online Operator Qualifications. What a big elephant that was to eat and an Everest to climb but such a sweet after taste and the air at this elevation is delicious too. But baby-bites, baby-steps, and the big U. (Your higher self – I like that) got me through and it will you,

no matter how big or seemingly impossible task we face.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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