Recognition – Better Living Through Chemistry

Blog 1313 – 04.14.2019

Recognition – Better Living Through Chemistry

The best and brightest recognition is, I believe, self-recognition. But, then who among us does not get how important it is to us children of all ages when another soul “gets us”, understands, appreciates our uniqueness even our particular foibles. I was just discussing relationships with a work friend and we both agreed, romantics that we are, how exciting it is and especially in relationships when the chemistry is so powerful that the little things we tease one another about later are barely even blips if anything on our screens. When it becomes more fun to tease and harangue one another than to do those chemistry experiments we were so fond of early on in relationship it is time to rethink what drew us together in the first place – better living through chemistry.

I happen to believe that “True Love” is merely recognizing the Divine self in ourself and in another, like seeking and finding like. That physical and spiritual oneness between souls is always a precious find and not just for the purpose of procreation but recreation, exhilaration, and exaltation. Sex in all creation is meant to be a beautiful dance. And as the wonderful song says, “If you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.”

I am going to leave it there this morning. Enough said, here’s hoping that everyone who wishes finds someone during this adventure if only once and briefly with whom to share a time of recognition, dancing heart to heart, soul to soul, and as one.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

The Dance

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