This Morning’s Assignment – The Encouraging Word

Blog 1312 – 04.13.2019

This Morning’s Assignment – The Encouraging Word

Just like the over thirteen hundred before is to find an encouraging word or several hundred and deliver them to as many people as possible. I hope to set up this blog so that it can be accessed by any who choose long after I leave this plane. From it’s inception the purpose of this port in a storm so to speak has been three fold to share encouraging words, hopefully also, enlightening, and entertaining. But you, my readers always have the finally say as to how well I have accomplished that on any given morning.

Sometimes I feel I utterly nailed it and other times that I missed the mark and completely failed it. Still as the famous base-baller home run king, Babe Ruth, I swing a lot more times than I hit, because every swing is meant to sail one out of the park. I am not a baseball fan, politics fan, or even religious fan. I am a people fan, your fan, and each day it is my heart-felt intention to leave you with something that lightens your load, makes you smile, and perhaps even occasionally brings a tear of joy to your eye. When they do to mine I think that I have hit closest to the bullseye.

For a long time my intention has been to obtain “the keys to the treasure house” but along the way I have changed my measure of treasure and found, I think, my true treasure in sharing the very best of me – the encouraging inspired words that come to me when I turn my mind to my chosen task, my daily mission of sharing the encouraging word. You might think, and I hope you do, that these words were intended just for you. If you are reading them they most definitely were and I hope you keep reading and finding the encouraging word here and in every thing you read, see, and hear.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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