Precious Moments

Blog 1314 – 04.15.2019

Precious Moments

In 1972 a group called of all things Climax recorded a beautiful love song called Precious And Few, the first verse of which I share here:

“Precious and few are the moments we two can share

Quiet and blue, like the sky, I’m hung over you

And if I can’t find my way back home, it just wouldn’t be fair

‘Cause precious and few are the moments we two can share.”

It is a very lovely song but I have come to differ a bit with the second premise of the title of the song. I still agree that moments are precious but they are not few. We have many moments and they are all precious and eternal. Oh, too be sure some moments get more of our attention i.e. that first great triumph, successfully tying our shoes, that first kiss, that first oneness moment with another warm body, holding our new-born baby for the first time in our never again to feel empty arms, etc. But every moment has the powers to be one of those gratifying eternal moments. The difference is in our focus, our complete attention.

Some years ago trying to learn how to meditate I came upon some writing that said that the secret to meditation was to focus on your breath, to imagine that you are taking in pure love, holding it for a long moment in your lungs, and then breathing it out, in that moment one with all there is and all there is is LOVE, which is one of my favorite names for my Higher Self, the Universe, God.

Poetic as it may sound to say, as they used to, maybe still do, at the beginning of a week-day soap opera, “These are the days of our lives.” Life is not to be fully enjoyed in such large bites but is more relished by tasting the full favor of each moment. How do I do that, Crazy Dave? It is easier than one might think. As I previously said all it really takes is our undivided attention and focus as we unwrap the divine and precious present that each moment truly is. If we practice doing that we will as the young man in the movie About Time discover that we do not have to live with a lot of regrets wishing we could go back and change things because we with focus and attention will have made the very most of each precious moment in real time, and therefore will feel little need for re-takes and re-do’s.

Wishing you many precious moments starting with the this one.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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