When A Plan Comes Together

Blog 1311 – 04.12.2019

When A Plan Comes Together

I have come to believe that our spirits are and have always been a part of the One Great Spirit that moved upon the face of the deep and created this time and space place and all there is. I think we helped plan this particular adventure in space and time to learn some new things, experience some new things, that perhaps in all of our many previous adventures we have never experienced before. We chose the circumstance of our birth, our parents, our gender, our siblings, our ethnicity and all the challenges we would face because we knew that these would help unlock better than anything else the truth about Who and Whose we are. We start each adventure as a baby not knowing who we are for it is the finding out of this knowledge that these lives are really all about. And they truly only get to be fun when we realize that it is and has really always been all up to us. We cannot blame God, a mythical almost equally powerful devil, our enemies (we really have none – only family in disguise), or even ourselves, for this is and has always been a part of the plan that we made long ago to be here and now experiencing all of this.

The A-Team commander was quite fond of saying, “I love it when a plan comes together.” Don’t we all? Some of us are already planning our next adventure, the plot, the new twists, and perhaps a few “re-do’s” from the lessons learned department. But, first let’s make the most of this adventure and hey it is possible and pleasurable to revise the plan as we go, after all this is first and foremost our own dream come true. That was always the plan.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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