Troubadour Of Sorts

Blog 1310 – 04.11.2019

Troubadour Of Sorts

My dear friend, whom I have never yet met, except through reading each other’s blogs and comment notes back and forth, Australian, Paul Vincent Cannon’s blog (Google Him at Paul Vincent Cannon- parallax) for some months has consisted of the most remarkable free verse poetry. I salute him for freely sharing his wonderful work. My poetic medium has long been rhyme, songs really without melodies yet, most all of them. But it has long been my desire and my dream to write and record a song that truly touches many as I have been touched by so many wonderful songs and sung them over and over till they became a real part of my heart. It was my daughter Emily that helped to teach me the power of poetry, especially with melody, to slip past all the rational and reason guards we put up to protect us from different and mostly wonderful new ideas and thoughts, often to our own lack and continuing hurt. Songs have a way of touching us deeply and teaching us things hard to accept or learn in any other way. So with Bogie I say, “Play it Sam.” And with a dear departed Hawaiian singer, Israel, I sing…

In This Life

Here is also a fresh new original poem with as yet no melody in my continuing effort to cast a little more love and light.

Striving To Add A Little Light

Someday before I become quite old

A day some may think already past

I hope in poem or song to have told

A story that long after me will last.

A story of such deep incredible beauty

Tearing & touching souls who reads it

To poets that is our sworn, solemn duty

For this the world we live in so needs it.

Tomorrow perhaps my words and rhymes

Will achieve that high and special mark

Till then I will practice toe-tapping times,

Light candles instead of cursing the dark.

I remain your friend, fellow traveler,

And troubadour of sorts,

David White

3 thoughts on “Troubadour Of Sorts

  1. I must – right back at you – say how I thoroughly enjoy your writing, such good reflections. Thank you for the encouraging words, which is your gift.


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