My New Ride

Blog 1309 – 04.10.2019

My New Ride

While waiting on my new trunk bumper and to have it installed, hopefully soon, I got myself a new ride. I love biking and have since I was a boy, the feeling of flying through the breeze with the greatest of ease. My age and tender bottom can no longer endure the pounding of the traditional bike seat, the bane of men of all ages, but I have the new paradigm designed bike seat and it has made biking a pleasure again for me.

You might think it looks strange or funny. Or you might think your bum would never stay on that seat but slip off. It works just like the traditional bike seat – you sit on it. At the risk of sounding crude, the exception – no nut buster. Ladies may enjoy the traditional bike seats but guys of any age, one hard bump, and walking if you still can is the preferred option.

I took my new baby for a short spin but intend to gradually build up my stamina and increase the distance of my rides. At aged fifty-five, some years back, I rode in a ninety-eight mile marathon from Katy, Texas (Just outside Houston) To Shiner, Texas. It was to date my greatest physical feat, even impressing my fifteen year old son at the time, as well as my wife, and myself.

I trained for a long time before I was confident I could complete such a ride in one day. The weekend before I had ridden thirty miles on Saturday and again on Sunday. Ready as I was, it took everything I had to finish and I was completely spent and after wolfing down a big meal I lay out in the back seat of the car as my wife drove the three of us back to Houston, my fold away bike stowed in the trunk.

My last bike was another fold away bike but since I prefer riding trails to street biking I opted this time for a 28” 21-Speed bike with bigger tires and an aluminum frame. I hope to break her in slowly and hopefully to experience many happy miles together.

It is important to enjoy the little things, for life is not comprised of just “the big things” as we often think but the many little things. I love the calming quote, “Don’t sweat the small stuff. And remember, it is all small stuff.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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