Blog 1303 – 04.04.2019


Writers seek readers, singers seek listeners, speakers want an audience, and teachers require students to fulfill their role. Just as the readers, listeners, audience, and students give meaning to those activities so we each of us compliment one another. Have you noticed how performers always thank their fans for their support and indeed they should for without fans any performance would be superfluous, unappreciated, in fact unneeded. It is a need, a service, that moves us to do anything. And how fortunate we are in life to find some purpose, some reason for getting out of bed each morning, something to do that gives meaning to our being here.

But apart from any task we come up with that we feel worthy of our time and talents there is this matter of being here. Why are we here? I believes the true answer to that question we know intuitively, why we are here, but have hidden that knowledge from ourselves to make this seem more of a real adventure. In one of my favorite movies, and I have many, “Dogma” produced by and co-starting Michael Smith as Silent Bob of the Jay and Silent Bob dynamic if pot enhanced duo, the beginning premise is that God likes to play skee-ball and has decided to leave heaven for a vacation on the Jersey Shore to play skee-ball.

I can imagine that God might like playing skee-ball, I mean who wouldn’t. It is great fun and the better you get at it the more tickets you win and what wonderful prizes. Why, for a mere two or three hundred tickets you might even be able to trade them in for a pencil erase. I am trying to be funny here, for there are indeed prizes better than pencil erasers but they are only redeemed with a lot of tickets and even a good skee-ball player could buy most if not all of those prizes at Walmart for a lot fewer quarters, but what would be the fun in that.

The story goes that while in disguise and playing skee-ball that God is drugged, beaten up, kidnapped and kept in a coma out of the picture while one of the demon’s plots the undoing of all creation by talking two fallen angels, played by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, a more likely angelic duo is hard to imagine, into forcing their way back into heaven. Anyway there is some kind of technicality that if certain conditions are met that these two fallen angel can get back into heaven through a Catholic Church but if they do the whole fabric of creation will be undone. Drama and humor abound as the plot thickens, but I only share this much of the story (Watch it all for yourselves) to point out the God on vacation theme. This is Who and Whose I believe we all are, and the the reason for our choosing to be here – to have fun, to be God’s and gods experiencing always His/Her good pleasure.We are here to compliment God and one another, to allow the God of all creation to play skee-ball or do anything and everything that His/Her/Our heart desires.

Adventures In Paradise was a TV series that ran from 1959 to 1962 inspired by James Michener’s book about the South Pacific and adventures in paradise is what these lives of ours are meant to be, paradise not being reserved for some sweet pie in the sky future as some religions teach but here and now as well as forever. Oh, I do think our spirits have a home, a lovely home, in our parent’s house, but it is these adventures that we have chosen to experience here with God that are much like that TV series mentioned above and constitute not only the reason we are here but speak to our eternal being as but an extension of the Creator and Creation, named after Him/Her, The Universe.

Kroger grocery stores use to sell gravy in a can called Compliment and it was to risk a pun – Good Gravy. That is what our lives are meant to be – Good God, Good Gravy. Are we having fun yet? We should be, for that is why above all else that we are here. Anybody care for a game of skee-ball? God what fun.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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