Welcome Amelia Rose

Blog 1304 – 04.05.2019

Welcome Amelia Rose

On Wednesday my son Jonathan celebrated his twenty-ninth birthday. I was fortunate to get to spend part of this birthday with him as I have not been able to do for some time. His birth was a high point in my life and that of his mother, my wife Linda. Also on Wednesday, dear friends of mine Alicia and Thomas welcomed their baby girl, Amelia Rose, into this world. Amelia’s Ya Ya (Granny) her Uncle Jim, the lovely Lily, wonder pup, and a virtual host of extended family have been anticipating this arrival for some time. So welcome, Little One, You are so loved, and we all know you are going to add so much to this wonderful mix.

I, for one, plan to hear a lot about you and your adventures from your Ya Ya, my good friend, Debra. I hope your mom and dad know that she plans to “spoil you” as only a loving granny can. My son Jon, at twenty-nine, says he does not plan on having any children. At his age, I became a dad to my precious baby girl, Emily Elaine. Her adventure in Time and Space only lasted thirty-two years, but how grateful I am for the time I got to be her dad. And how grateful I am that ten years into her adventure Jonathan came along too.

I like to joke in my best W. C. Fields voice that kids are nice if they are cooked right. That line always reminds me of another funny one about the young fellow who said when he married his wife that he loved her so much that he could have just eaten her up and later that he wished he had. Being married and being a parent is often a bitter/sweet proposition but both are wild and wonderful and can add so much to our lives and many people end up saying and meaning it with all their hearts that they would not have missed it for the world.

So we say, “Welcome, Amelia Rose. Welcome to this world, Little Girl. It just got a lot sweeter.” I recall a song that was popular before either of my babies were born, “What the world needs now is love sweet love, no not just for some but for everyone.” We are thankful for the pink precious bundle of love just delivered, all of us, Little Sister.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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