One Thing We Can Learn From Cats

Blog 1301 – 04.02.2019

One Thing We Can Learn From Cats

My friend Bernie, who from time to time sends me emails on how to get the most out of The Manifesting Process, just the other day send me a blog dealing with an important lesson that we can learn from cats. Cats are acrobats and like to take a lot of leaps and the biggest danger that they face is from failing to reach that limb or roof they are aiming for and falling. But cats have learned a trick while the are falling to turn their hind legs to one side, so that their front legs turn to the opposite side and touch ground first. Even when they fall head or back first they land on their front feet. So they are not afraid of falling because they know they are always going to land on their front feet first.

We too can erase the fear of failing or falling from our lives by reminding ourselves when it looks like we are falling or failing that we too will be safe and always land on our feet facing forward ready to achieve our goal no matter haw many times we slip and need to try again. There is no need even to be afraid of dying for that too is just a slip, trip, and fall through another doorway where we are bound to land on our feet to pursue another bigger, better adventure.

Much is said about how we can learn unconditionally love from dogs. But, cats have a lot to teach us too. Their reputation for having nine lives is because they have learned how to fail and how to fall and so removed fear from their lives. Afraid to take a leap? Be a cool cat and till you figure out how to fall just trust that your higher best self will catch you. You do not even have to ask. It is all according to the plan that you made before you began this adventure.

When You Say Nothing At All


Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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